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Soy Candles

Soy Candles

What is the difference between soy candle and regular candle ?

The number one reason many choose soy candles is the fact they are natural. They're also smoke-free, non-toxic, and leave no residue on walls or furniture.

Why are soy candles better for you ?

 Soy Wax candles are great for those with chemical sensitivities or for those who want a more natural candle burning experience. Soy Wax emits less soot than paraffin wax, and our candles are non-toxic, being made of only vegetable waxes. They burn cleaner and longer than typical paraffin candles, making them also an economical choice as well!

Are soy candles healthy to breathe ?

Soy candles are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional paraffin wax products. Soy wax burns longer and cleaner than petroleum-based waxes, and it doesn't leave a black soot residue on the glass jar — which is great for those of us who like to reuse our old jars as vases or candle holders. If you're concerned about breathing in toxic fumes when you light your candle, soy wax has no sulfates, benzene or formaldehyde — unlike paraffin wax and other petroleum-based candles.

Bottom Line: 

Soy candles aren't just safer and healthier to burn, they actually smell better—in fact, REAL soy-based candles will throw their scent further. Definitely give them a try.

You can smell for yourself by clicking on the link below: