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The Ultimate Health Experience Bundles


The Ultimate Better Living Experience bundle brought to you by Cloud Discoveries is our very first all-natural products release! We are proud and excited for you to try these hand-picked everyday health-conscious experiences. From a variety of natural soaps to...

Dry Skin Serum


How does a face serum work? Face serums have a large active molecule that quickly absorbs into the skin, thereby moisturizing your skin deeply. They also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe sensitive patches of the skin. Oily facial skin is...

Linen & Room Spray


Our Lavender Linen Spray is the perfect complement to your bedtime routine on nights when sleep is elusive. Multiple studies have shown that lavender supports slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing the heartbeat, relaxing muscles, and experiencing a truly restful slumber....

Soy Candles


Soy candles: burn cleaner than other types of candles and are much kinder to the planet because they are made from a renewable resource. While paraffin candles can contain carcinogenic substances which are harmful to our bodies and the environment,...

Concrete Handmade Soap Dish


Handmade, beautiful, and minimalist design. Choose the colors that best suit your decor. Our soap dishes are perfect for keeping handmade soap on a soap dish with drainage in order to preserve its life. A heavy-quality soap dish that will...

Himalayan Salt Soap


This long-lasting bar of soap has a dense, polished feel that is satisfying to handle and long-lasting. The lather is different than other bars of soap - creamy and light. This unique and gentle salt soap formula provides several useful...

All Natural Muscle Salve


Our Muscle Salve is a home aromatherapy remedy crafted for tension relief and recovery. Refreshing and soothing for use after a workout to ease discomfort caused by excessive exercise; after long hours at a desk, computer, or smartphone to relieve...

100% All Natural Vegan Soap


Our all-natural vegan soaps are made with ingredients that come from nature, not animals. Made in small batches to enhance their shelf life, our luxury handcrafted soap is gentle on your skin and earth-friendly. Packed with a unique scent, these...

Shea Body Butter Cream


Shea butter is a key ingredient of some of the richest, most tried-and-true face and body creams. But what is shea butter doing in your skincare, exactly? Shea butter works as an emollient that softens and hydrates skin. Shea butter...