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What are reusable water balloons?

What are reusable water balloons?

Are reusable water balloons any good?

The reviews are in: Children find them really easy to fill up and use, and liked that it didn't hurt when you got hit by one. For the adults, the no mess and reusable aspect was a big selling point.

How do refillable water balloons work?

The secret to these reusable water balloons is in the silicone material. It makes each balloon strong enough to hold up to 1,000 pounds of pressure, yet still flexible so it's easy to squeeze and fill.

You can fill the balloons with water, then let them seal themselves with a magnetic suction closure. Kids can use them over and over again for more than 1,000 different summer splash experiences!

How do you fill reusable water balloons?

That's the best part! Simply open up the reusable water balloon, drop it into the water, and watch it refill and close all on its own!

How long do reusable balloons last?

They're reusable. They don't harm the environment or wildlife. Each balloon is guaranteed to last for 90 days (1000 times)! That's 90 days worth of latex balloons that won't end up in a landfill.
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