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Wearable Bath Towel With Pocket

Wearable Bath Towel With Pocket

Let's face it, without a towel, you stay wet. We need towels and why not towels with a pocket?! Cloud Discoveries has one hand in their towel pocket and the other one is giving the peace sign! :)

Our New Fashion Man Wearable Magic Microfiber Bath Towel With Pocket Soft Swimming Beach Bath Towel Bathroom Accessories is made of 100% high-quality long-staple loop-spun cotton, which is durable and comfortable. Its double design has excellent absorption and fading resistance, which can enhance the drying experience after bathing.

Test at a higher than recommended washing temperature to ensure long-lasting performance. Low-temperature tumble drying. Do not use bleach. Forget fabric softener because it reduces absorbency. Don't iron! This bath towel set is great for your daily shower and relaxing bath.

These towels are also ideal for commercial use, such as in swimming clubs, beauty salons and spas. They're perfect if you enjoy picnics by the water.

You can order yours in the link below: