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How To Transform Your Toxic Comfort Zone Into A Life-Altering Health Conscious Comfort Zone

How To Transform Your Toxic Comfort Zone Into A Life-Altering Health Conscious Comfort Zone

As we evolve and grow we mold into our daily habits and create a comfort zone as a defense mechanism that we rely on to keep us feeling safe, unstrained, unchallenged, and without stress. Often these comfort zones become our worst enemy because it claims our ability and willingness to work hard for something healthier and happier.

We, as human beings, need to create a new comfort zone, a comfort zone that promotes and generates longevity through healthier choices and a healthier mindset. We created a toxic comfort zone and now it's time to create a life-altering health conscious one.


We all have them. We all do things that are way too familiar but programmed into our daily life so convincingly that these acts become "the norm". I come home, I have to clean the kitchen. I go to the bathroom, I need my phone. I worked all day so I'm too tired to go to the gym. When my morning alarm goes off I push the "I don't wanna button" 3 times and then I'll get up...


That Evil Voice In Your Head:

You know the one that convinces you to "not worry" ... "everything will be fine" ... "you can skip it this time" ... "just 10 more minutes won't hurt" ... "I'll get to that tomorrow" ... "1 pizza a week isn't gonna do anything". Yeah, that guy... not good! That's your comfort zone gatekeeper talking to you, trying to keep you comfortable and safe cause that's literally your body's 24/7 job but unfortunately, your body doesn't realize what you are and what you're doing and why. Our body's sole purpose is to serve us in a constant, always switched-on, survival mode. According to studies, stored fat is a feature of evolution – and your body will fight to keep it. 


The History And Importance Of Fat:

To be brief,

Stored fat is actually a good thing. We store energy in the form of fat, if we hadn't of, way back when, we likely wouldn't have survived through millions of years of evolution. We needed the ability to store energy to survive extreme periods of hunger, and fat is the most practical way to do this. Ok, the history lesson is over...


Baby Steps:

Ok, so If we're being honest, That's how progress began when we were forced into this moment-by-moment theatre of despair, over stimuli, and irony we call the human experience... baby steps. One foot after the other passes and progress is in motion. If you don't think the act of moving is a big deal, then you should keep reading... 


How To Create A New And Healthier Comfort Zone:

The objective here is to be willing to accept the challenge of stepping outside your comfort zone and begin doing things that slowly guide you out of that toxic prison you were barely surviving in. Tell yourself enough is enough. Try getting out of bed an hour earlier than you have been. This is a motivated version of yourself, adopt a warrior mentality.

Just keep reminding yourself that if others can do this then so can you. Remember, being proud of yourself is a sensational feeling that will encourage you to continue on. Soon enough you'll be addicted to the feeling of accomplishment.

You're building a winner atmosphere and before you know it you'll feel stronger, super confident, and extremely dedicated to NOT letting yourself down. Soon you'll be in full charge of your body and most importantly your mind and from experience, I can assure you it's a feeling like no other!

This mental method helped me get through one of the worst times in my life, health-wise. I was up at 4:30 am, drove to my gym, went through my workout, and left feeling like a machine, ready and willing to handle any challenge my day ahead of me had in store!

We here at Cloud Discoveries wish you the best of luck on your personal Journey!