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Green Tea Face Mask

Green Tea Face Mask

This Cloud Discoveries product is a Deep Cleansing Clay Mask :60g Dead Sea Detox Mud Mask perfect for that pretty little face! There's no day better then today to experience and let the Green Tea Tree Cleansing Mud Mask Nourishing Face Mask help to cleanse excess dirt, and oil pore-clogging, and prevent pimples and blackheads, and in doing so, improve skin radiance and create the flawless complexion you deserve.

The Deep Cleansing Clay Mask :60g Dead Sea Detox Mud Mask is a Sensitive Skin Care Face Mask and an acne treatment clay mask with a clean and safe formula and moisturizing natural antioxidants!

Centella Asiatica extract -

Tea Tree extract -

Kaolin clay in a green tea mask -

Charcoal dead sea Mud mask -

Pore Purifying Acne Mask -

Suitable for all skin types - 

Vegan ingredient beauty skincare mask -

For women and men - 


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