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Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner - Cordless Bed Dust Remover



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Revolutionize your cleaning routine with Cloud Discoveries' Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. 🛏️✨ Experience cordless freedom, UV-C technology, and 12Kpa suction power. Make every corner a clean haven! #CloudDiscoveries #HomeCleaning #WirelessVacuum #CleanLiving


Key Features:

Powerful Suction: Our mattress vacuum cleaner boasts 12Kpa strong suction, 1500mAh-100W powerful motor, a large induction area, U-shape UV lamp, and a spacious beating pad. Easily eliminate dust mites hidden deep within mattresses, pillows, sofas, pet hair, blankets, and cushions.

High Efficiency Filter: The bed vacuum cleaner utilizes a HEPA sealed filter to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. With double filtration, it prevents secondary pollution. The handheld vacuum cleaner features a large-capacity dust box that is easy to remove and clean directly, equipped with two fine filters to ensure sustained suction without clogging.

Purple Light Upgrade: Our mattress vacuum cleaner employs a violet light with a wavelength of 253.7nm. This purple light can penetrate mites directly, achieving a cleaning rate of up to 99.7%. The deep violet filter enhances cleanliness, providing a comfortable home environment.

Cordless Design, Light, and Convenient: Designed cordlessly, this bed vacuum cleaner is light, compact (2.86lb ultra-lightweight), and easy to handle. With a USB charging mode and a 1500mAh battery, it allows quick and convenient cleaning for the entire room.

Why Choose Our Bed Vacuum Cleaner?:

  • Cordless Design: Enjoy the freedom to clean mattresses and carpets anywhere, whether at home or outdoors, without the hassle of wires.

  • Compact and Simple: Lightweight and easy to use, our bed vacuum cleaner is only 2.86lb, ensuring you won't feel tired after extended use.

  • 12Kpa Strong Suction: Effectively absorbs dust and dirt from mattresses and sofas, ensuring a deep clean, even for heavy mattresses.

  • UV Setting: Utilizes UV technology to swiftly and effectively eliminate dust, promoting a hygienic and clean bed environment.

  • Water Dust Cup: Easy-to-clean vacuum filter element and dust cup, ensuring convenience and peace of mind during use. (Please dry the dust-proof cup and filter element before continuing use to avoid any impact on secondary use and cleaning.)

  • High-Frequency Double Beat: The sofa vacuum cleaner features a high-frequency double-beat function, rapidly shaking off dust for thorough cleaning.


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