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Wearable Bath Towel With Pocket



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Bath Towel

Microfiber Fabric

Machine Washable

Fast Water Absorption

  • Excellent absorption and fading resistance -Bath towels have excellent absorption and retention, which can enhance the drying experience after bathing. Test at a higher than recommended washing temperature to ensure long-lasting performance. Low-temperature tumble drying. Do not use bleach. Forget fabric softener, because it reduces absorbency. Don't iron.
  • Durable fabric structure -100% high-quality long-staple loop-spun cotton is used to maximize durability. Made of 100% cotton, using technology to reduce fiber shedding.
  • Soft and comfortable -made of low-twist cotton yarn to ensure a soft, fluffy, and gentle feeling. Softer, lighter, and dry faster. Very suitable for daily use.
  • The double bath towel set is perfect for your daily shower and relaxing bath. Bath towels are also ideal for commercial use, such as in swimming clubs, beauty salons, spas, hair salons, and luxury campgrounds. It is also a convenient accessory for picnics by the water.
  • Great for swimming or bathing -In the gym or at home, it can also be used as a gym towel or yoga towel.
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