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Waterproof Solar-Powered Flashlight: USB Rechargeable, 6-Gear LED Torch, Portable Lantern for Camping/Hiking

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Light your way with our new Waterproof Solar-Powered Flashlight! πŸŒžπŸ’‘ Perfect for your camping trips and hiking adventures.πŸ•οΈ Not just a flashlight, it's your handheld LED torch with USB rechargeability.πŸ”‹ Compact yet powerful, it's a must-have! βš‘πŸ–€ #SolarPowered #LEDLight #CampingGear #SustainableLiving #EcoFriendly #OutdoorAdventures #CampingEssentials #HikingGear #EmergencyKit #PortableLantern #NatureLover


Introducing our stylish, durable, and user-friendly black product, fabricated from a high-quality blend of ABS and PC materials. Our model 2205A boasts the impressive feature of an LED side light, making it an essential item for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient lighting solution.

This compact product measures approximately 17x14x4.5cm or 6.69x5.51x1.77inch in size, making it the perfect fit for nearly every space. Despite its lightweight at around 275g, its performance is anything but. An impressive light brightness of 500 Lumens can be obtained from this handy device.

For user convenience, this model offers a USB charging functionality. Recharge and reuse, as its robust battery capacity houses a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting performance and rapid recharge times.

With its sleek black design, portable size, powerful LED side light, this versatile product is the perfect amalgamation of convenience, usefulness, and sophistication. It makes an excellent addition to your camping gear, emergency kits, or utilities.

In summary, our ABS+PC Black LED Light (model 2205A) provides reliable, energy-efficient illumination when and where you need it. Its user-friendly design and high-performance capabilities make it an invaluable asset to own. Get your hands on our product to experience a blend of convenience and fantastic functionality.

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