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Turmeric Skin Care Set

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  1. Turmeric is a natural skin care product, it has a strong antioxidant capacity.
  2. It has strong antibacterial and bactericidal abilities that can reduce scar or non-scar pigmentation left after skin damage.
  3. Regular use of turmeric skin care products can whiten the skin, improve skin texture, increase light translation, and make the skin appear healthy and bright.

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Package Includes: 6pcs/set* Turmeric Skin Care Set

Turmeric Skin Care Set Includes:

  1. 120ml turmeric facial cleanser
  2. 120g turmeric clay mask
  3. 100ml turmeric toner
  4. 30ml turmeric serum
  5. 30ml turmeric oil
  6. 50g turmeric cream

Turmeric Gel Cleanser:
Turmeric Gel Cleanser contains balancing turmeric, white tea, and vitamin C. It gently cleanses and fights impurities. Gentle for daily use. Ideal for normal and blemish-prone skin.

Turmeric Toner:
Turmeric toner is composed of targeted treatment-specific formulas beginning with a base of authentic turmeric and active botanicals. Turmeric offers to balance properties of the skin by soothing irritation and may temporarily improve uneven skin tone.

Turmeric Clay Face Mask:
This turmeric clay face mask contains powerful all-natural ingredients to help brighten skin, reduce acne, minimize pores, and even skin tone. Its antioxidizing ingredients also help protect the skin and prevent premature signs of aging. After just one use, your skin will appear brighter and tighter with a silky smooth feel.

Turmeric Serum:
This super lightweight turmeric serum is blended with organic turmeric extract, tea tree oil, and vitamin C. It is extremely light and non-greasy and nourishes your skin. Turmeric has anti-acne and antioxidant properties. It is one of nature's most powerful herbs. You can apply the serum to oily skin. Apply this serum before the turmeric cream or by itself.

Turmeric Face Oil:
Turmeric face oil helps balance skin tone and keeps skin looking healthy and hydrated, also it was a face serum that can be served as a moisturizer face oil that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, hydrates and plumps your skin, prevent acne and gives your skin a fresh and radiant look.

Turmeric Face Cream:
Turmeric cream. Antioxidant Turmeric supports firm, youthful-looking skin while helping hydrate and moisturize dehydrated dry skin and revitalizing skin-plumping moisturizers. Vitamin C lotion helps promote even skin tone and lightens the skin.

Turmeric Face Skin Care Set, Lighten Dark Spots, Brightening Anti Acne Aging Serum, Oil Whitening Moisturizer, Cream Skincare Clean,

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