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Stainless Steel Rooster Weather Vane, Garden Yard Ornament, Barn Shed Roof Kit, Dropshipping



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Add a touch of tradition to your garden with our premium Quality Iron Weather Vane πŸƒπŸ’¨ Perfect balance of function and aesthetics, our UV-resistant garden decor will add charm to any outdoor space 🏑🌼 #WeatherVane #GardenDecor #IronOrnament #OutdoorLiving #WindVane #UVResistant #TraditionalGarden #RoosterWeatherVane #GardenStake #WeatherTracker #RoofDecor


Discover our beautifully-crafted weather vane, produced with high-quality iron. This robust product features a UV-resistant coating, making it durable and perfect for long-term usage. With an easy-to-assemble design, it provides a hassle-free installation experience.

Our iron weather vane, tinted in an elegant black shade, offers an aesthetic appeal with its archaist style. Exhibiting traditional characteristics, this garden stake can instantly enhance any outdoor space, taking you back to old-world charm.

Measuring approximately 35x60cm, the black garden ornament is designed to respond to even the slightest breeze, making it a dynamic addition to your garden decor. You can place this versatile piece in multiple locations, be it your house, garden, garage, cupola, barn, gazebo, or pavilion. It stands as a testament to both function and artistry.

Moreover, our wind vane serves as more than just a weather tracker. Consider it a unique theme for party supplies, decorating your roof during weddings, birthday celebrations, or other special occasions.

To summarize, our iron weather vane is a blend of timeless style, supreme quality, and versatile usability. Stand out with this distinctive outdoor ornament that chimes with tradition while providing a service.

Package Includes:
1 Piece Weather Vane

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