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Sports Water Bottle - Large Capacity Creative Cup for Outdoor Activities




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Stay hydrated in style with our TRITAN Sports Water Bottle! 💧 Perfect for workouts, hikes, and everyday adventures. #CloudDiscoveries #SportsBottle #HydrationSolution #OutdoorEssentials #HealthyLiving #BPAFree #StayHydrated #FitnessJourney #TravelCompanion #PremiumQuality


Stay hydrated on the go with the Cloud Discoveries TRITAN Sports Water Bottle. Available in three sizes (1000ml, 1600ml, and 2000ml), this bottle is suitable for hot and cold drinks, with a temperature range of -10°C to 96°C. Whether you're hitting the gym, going hiking, camping, jogging, or biking, or simply need a daily hydration solution, this bottle is your perfect companion. Made from premium BPA-FREE Co-Polyester by US-based Eastman-Tritan Co., it's safe, durable, leak-proof, and scratch-resistant. The ergonomic spout mouth ensures easy drinking or pouring without spills, while the one-click open feature and attached lanyard make it convenient to use and carry. Packaged in an exquisite and fashion-forward box, it's the ideal choice for those who prioritize quality, style, and functionality.


  • Dimension: 1000ml (34oz), 1600ml (54oz), 2000ml (68oz)
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks (-10°C to 96°C)
  • Suitable for various occasions: Fitness, Hiking, Camping, Jogging, Biking, Daily use
  • Exquisite and fashion packaging box
  • BPA-FREE Co-Polyester material made by US-based Eastman-Tritan Co.
  • Easy to use: one-click open and attached lanyard for easy carry
  • Ergonomic spout mouth for spill-free drinking or pouring
  • TKK brand with over 15 years of experience in water bottle production

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