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Solar-Powered Bird Bath & Garden Decor Fountain Pump



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Experience the magic of nature with our Solar-Powered Bird Bath & Garden Decor Fountain Pump. Perfect for bird baths, fish tanks and small ponds, they bring joy to kids and are a delight to birds. Powered purely by sunlight, no wires or batteries needed! 🌞💧🕊️🌿 #SolarPower #EcoFriendly #WaterPump #SmartGarden #GardenDecor #BirdBathFountainPump #GreenLiving #SustainableLiving #GardenAccessories #EcoGarden


Choose between our two types of solar fountains (13/16cm and 16/18cm Colorful Solar Fountain) for a delightful garden or patio experience. Made with a Ø 160mm (monocrystalline silicon) solar panel, this 1.5W powered source drives a 1W water pump that guarantees a steady 190L/H flow. This highly efficient black solar lamp allows you to control the water height and pattern by changing nozzles, preventing spillages with the grey nozzle design.

One key highlight of our solar fountains is their continuous water spout, allowing birds to quench their thirst. It's also a source of joy for kids who find playing with it in the pool fun. These fountains operate purely on solar energy, eliminating the need for wiring or batteries and activate in just three seconds under sufficient sunlight.

Small in size yet robust in performance, our solar fountains are ideal for bird baths, fish tanks, small ponds, pools, gardens, patios, lawns, and for circulating oxygen in the water. Their aesthetic appeal and their capacity to enable significant energy savings qualify them as excellent choices for garden decorations. Comprising user-friendly and eco-friendly features, they mediate between technology and nature.

Select our solar fountains for an aesthetic, entertaining, and sustainable source of garden water circulation. Keywords: Solar Power, Eco-friendly, Water Pump, Smart Garden Accessories.

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