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Rechargeable Digital Coffee Scale with Timer - High Precision 0.1g for Drip and Espresso Brewing



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Elevate your coffee game ☕️✨ Introducing the Cloud Discoveries Rechargeable Digital Coffee Scale with Timer. Perfect for precise brewing, whether it's drip coffee or espresso. Say hello to consistent, flavorful cups every time! #CoffeeScale #BaristaEssentials #BrewBetter #CoffeeLovers #CloudDiscoveries #CoffeeTime #BaristaLife #HomeBarista #CoffeeGram #SpecialtyCoffee #CoffeeAddict 🌟


Upgrade your coffee brewing experience with the Cloud Discoveries Rechargeable Digital Coffee Scale. This versatile scale features three modes: drip coffee mode, espresso mode, and regular mode, catering to all your brewing needs. With high precision of 0.1g, you can measure your coffee grounds with accuracy, ensuring consistency in every cup. The built-in timer helps you achieve the perfect extraction time, while the rechargeable design eliminates the hassle of replacing batteries. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast, this scale makes a thoughtful and practical gift.


  • Three modes: drip coffee mode, espresso mode, and regular mode
  • High precision: measures in increments of 0.1g
  • Built-in timer for precise extraction
  • Rechargeable design for convenience
  • Perfect for baristas and coffee enthusiasts

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