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Portable Retro Oil Lamp Stove - Outdoor Camping & Picnic Essential



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Light up your space with our exquisite Firedance Oil Lamp Stove πŸ”₯ Crafted with the finest SUS304 stainless steel, it's not just a homeware, it's a statement piece ✨ This retro-inspired stove, built for both indoor and outdoor use, brings a mix of sophistication and functionality that is hard to resist. Ready to spark some vintage charm? πŸ˜‰πŸ• #OilLampStove #HomeGoods #SustainableLiving #OutdoorEssentials #CampingGear #PicnicTime #RetroVibes #InteriorDesign #FunctionalHomeware #EcoFriendlyLiving


Introducing our Firedance Oil Lamp Stove, an exquisite piece of homeware, crafted to perfection and perfect for elevating any space's aesthetic appeal. Made to last, this oil lamp stove weighs 1705g, signifying its formidable quality and sturdy build. Available in two classic color options, black, and brass, this oil lamp stove can seamlessly blend into and enhance any room's color scheme. Your choice between the timeless black, representing sophistication, or the vintage brass, embodying luxury, will glorify and invigorate your living space or outdoors.

It's no surprise that these lustrous colors are favored by interior designers globally. Dimensionally, this item expands 15.7*11*21cm, proving a substantial presence without becoming overwhelming. Even with its noticeable size, this oil lamp stove is designed with a practical storage size measuring 8.4x9.8x28cm, making it conveniently storable. In terms of material, our Firedance Oil Lamp Stove truly stands out. Made from SUS304 (18-8) stainless steel and intricately melded with brass, it ensures extreme durability and a captivating finish that catches the eye. The use of SUS304 (18-8) stainless steel is a guarantee of resistance to heat and corrosion, adding longevity to this kitchen essential. Impeccably engineered, this oil lamp stove features a 400ml fuel tank capacity. It guarantees an impressive burning time of approximately 8 hours when the fuel tank is full, ensuring it remains lit for long periods, providing warmth and radiance to your space. When you purchase our Firedance Oil Lamp Stove, you receive the complete package excluding the frying pan. Should you require one, we offer frying pans separately.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional accessories or assistance. Our Firedance Oil Lamp Stove is more than just a product – it is a mix of design, style, and convenience. Get ready to embrace its mesmerizing charm and functionality in your home. We continue to aim at improving your home experience with our wide range of products, each promising quality, aesthetics, and utility.

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