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Portable Outdoor Camping Foldable Gas Stove with Windproof Aluminium Shield



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Elevate your outdoor cooking with our Portable Windshield Screen πŸ³πŸ’¨ Made with durable aluminium, it ensures efficiency and longevity for all your adventures! πŸ•οΈπŸŒ„ Fits easily in your pocket and comes with a carrying bag for ease of transport πŸŽ’πŸ‘Œ Save fuel, cook safely, and enjoy the great outdoors. Sizes A, B, and C available πŸ“πŸ‘ #OutdoorCooking #CampingGear #HikingEssentials #AdventureReady #EcoFriendlyCooking #OutdoorsyLife #CampingLife #PortableStove #WindproofCooking #NatureLovers


Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our easy-to-use, portable Windshield Screen. Designed using high-grade, durable aluminium alloy, this nifty addition will enhance your outdoor cooking skills due to its efficiency. Its robust structure ensures longevity, even when used frequently in various outdoor adventures such as picnicking, camping, or hiking.

One of the prominent features of this wind shield screen is its compact size which makes it a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts. Not only does it fit easily in your pocket, but it also comes bundled with a convenient, protective carry bag that makes it simpler to transport.

The Windshield Screen excels in blocking the wind and ensuring the efficiency of your stove or cooker is maintained. By providing a barricade against gusts of wind, it enables to save valuable fuel and allows for a more controlled, safer cooking environment.

Adding to its versatility, it's equipped with built-in pegs for robust securing into the ground. Weighing just 120g, this lightweight, yet sturdy accessory is available in sleek silver color. The dimensions are catered to fit various needs; with

Size A: 13.5cm * 7.5*65.5cm

Size B: 24cm * 8.6*67cm

Size C: 24cm * 8.6*84cm

Included in the package is one Windshield Screen and one Carry Bag. Indulge in the joy of outdoor cooking with less fuel and more efficiency with our Windshield Screen.

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