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Portable Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser



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An exquisite and simple air purifier with powerful and efficient operation, it can capture 99.97% of airborne particles and effectively remove formaldehyde. It is a very good choice for household use.
NOTE: The adapter plug is placed in the air purifier and can be found by opening the bottom cover
Added aromatherapy function, you can pour aromatherapy according to your favorite

Three operating modes, switch as you like.

1. Press the button for the first time to enter sleep mode and the sleep
mode indicator light flashes.
2. Press the button again to enter the low-speed mode, the low-speed mode
indicator light is steady on.
3. Press the button again to enter the high-speed mode and the high-speed mode indicator light is steady on.
4. Press again to enter standby, and cycle in turn.
5. Set a four-hour shutdown time; press and hold the power button for
three seconds, and the current working mode indicator will change from
steady to flashing.


NOTE: The adapter plug is placed in the air purifier and can be found by opening the bottom cover
3-layer filter device, powerfully purify the air and improve the air quality
H13 high-efficiency composite filter
Three-fold deep filtration, all-round purification
High-quality composite materials filter and purify harmful substances in the air to protect family health comprehensively

Easy to install and replace:

A. Turn counterclockwise to unscrew the filter cover

B. Take out / put in the filter

C. Close the filter cover and tighten it clockwise

Air Purifier For Home Portable True H13 HEPA & Carbon Filters Efficient purifying air cleaner Aroma Diffuser

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