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Photography 4-Lamp Softbox Lighting Kit 50x70CM, E27 Base for Studio Shoots



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Light it up, photographers! πŸ“Έ Our new 4-Lamp Softbox Lighting Kit is here! Crafted with the best materials for superior brightness 🌟 and amazing photos. Adjustable, easy-to-use, and energy-efficient πŸ’‘ Ideal for portrait and model photoshoots πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ Time to take your shoots to the next level! πŸš€ #Photography #LightingKit #StudioLighting #PortraitPhotography #ModelPhotography #SoftboxLighting #E27Base #ProfessionalPhotography #PhotographyGear #PhotographyLove


This product is a robust quadrilateral-shaped photography studio accessory, perfect for enhancing your portrait and model photoshoots. Its dimensions measure 70x23x21CM with a solid weight of 5.5KG. Crafted with a top-tier material of polyethylene high reflector particles, the light generated offers excellent brightness and a truly attention-grabbing atmosphere. The light stand tripod is adjustable, extends from 70CM to a staggering height of 200CM, offering a great range of heights perfect to fit your specific photography needs.

Despite its adjustable height, the light stand tripod can firmly support a weight of up to a maximum of 2KG, ensuring a stable and reliable stand for your light source. The product also includes Softboxes made with high-quality polyethylene, high reflector particles. The rectangular shape of the softboxes and its vast size of 50CMx70CM guarantees a balanced distribution of light.

The lamp holder carries a common E27 base, which is easy to source and replace. It comes with a universal adapter plug that is compatible with EU, US, UK, and AU plugs, making it an ideal accessory for people around the globe. One of the main features of this product is its power safety and energy-saving components. It ensures a high-powered light source without endangering the usage and providing efficient energy consumption.

This product is ideal for professional and budding photographers who wish to heighten the quality of their photography skills and outputs. Upgrade your photography studio with our power-saving, high-reflective photography accessories.

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