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Philips Rechargeable LED Mini Flashlight - UV Light Camping Lamp for Hiking & Self Defense

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Meet your new wilderness pal: the Philips Mini EDC Keychain Torch! πŸ’‘ Perfect for your hiking or camping adventures! Easy charging with a type-C port, it powers up in 0.5 hours and is ready to assist you wherever, whenever. 🏞️ Be prepared and stay safe with this miniature yet mighty torch.πŸ”¦πŸ’ͺ #HikingGear #CampingEssentials #SurvivalGear #OutdoorAdventures #TrekkingTools #EDCGear #MiniTorch #PhilipsLED #UVLight #SelfDefense


Our newest product, the Mini EDC Keychain Torch featuring direct Type-C charging, is a handy, portable device compatible with multiple types of charging options. It offers the ease of direct charging through your computer, mobile power pack, or traditional charger. Shaped for convenience and efficiency, this pocket-sized torch makes a lightweight travel companion, weighing a mere 13g and dimensions of compact 17*62mm.

The stand-out feature of this gadget is its UV ultraviolet-light provision, neatly embedded at the tail. The availability of 3 different lighting modes further allows you to adjust the brightness as per the occasion and demand.

Designed for unparalleled performance, the mini torch possesses an unadjustable focus for a broader, brighter light beam, making it perfect for a vast array of outdoor activities. Whether you are camping, hiking, or trekking, this torch guarantees essential illumination even in damp and wet environments, thanks to its robust waterproof design.

One unique attribute to this keychain torch is its self-defense function. This added feature can come handy during emergencies or when camping in secluded areas.

Charging is a breeze with the device powering up in just 0.5 hours and ready to assist you whenever you need it. The package includes the mini EDC keychain flashlight and a charging connection line.

This Mini EDC Keychain Torch is not only practical and convenient but also a smart addition to your essential gear.

Products Specifications:
Power: 3W
Size: 17*62mm
Weight: 13g
Charging time: 0.5hours

Package Includes:
1x Mini EDC Keychain Torch
1x Charging Connection Line

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