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Paws Perfection Pet Dining Set - Adjustable Double Bowls for Big Dogs



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Elevate your pet's dining experience with Cloud Discoveries' Paws Perfection Pet Dining Set! 🐾✨ Our Adjustable Height Double Bowls with Stainless Stand are perfect for big dogs. Make mealtime stylish and functional! #CloudDiscoveries #PetDiningSet #PawsPerfection #ElevatedFeeding #BigDogBowls #StylishPetAccessories #MealtimeUpgrade #PetCareEssentials #DogFeeders #FunctionalAndStylish



  • Item Type: Bowls
  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Applicable Dog Breed: Universal

IDEAL FOR ALL GROWTH STAGES: The elevated dog bowls are thoughtfully designed with four different heights, catering to your dog's growth from puppy to senior. The adjustable dog bowl stand can be set at 3.3 inches, 8.1 inches, 9.8 inches, and 11.4 inches.

SLOW DOWN EATING: Our professional slow feeder dog bowl effectively regulates eating speed, extending your pet's feeding time to enhance digestion and reduce the risk of obesity.

SLOW WATER FEEDER: Designed with a floating disk, our no-spill water bowl slows down your pet's drinking pace, preventing choking, splashing, and keeping their fur dry.

RELIEVE NECK AND JOINT STRAIN: This raised dog bowl minimizes stress on the neck, joints, and spine, promoting healthy digestion by providing a comfortable height for easy access to food and water.

EASY TO USE & STORE: Featuring an innovative one-piece design with adjustable buttons, this dog bowl with a stand is easy to use and store. The foldable legs make it convenient for storage and transportation.

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