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Outdoor Water Bag - Hydration Reservoir: Essential Gear for Hikers, Runners, and Adventurers



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Stay hydrated on the trails with our TPU Detachable Drinking Tube Water Bag! 💧 Perfect for outdoor adventures, hiking, and running. #OutdoorGear #HydrationPack #AdventureLife #StayHydrated #CloudDiscoveries #HikingEssentials #RunningGear #MountainLife #HydrationReservoir #OutdoorFitness 🏞️


Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 3L
  • Weight: 250g
  • Temperature Range: Homoeothermy
  • Size: As indicated
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Brown translucent (bag body), Blue (suction nozzle), Transparent (drinking water pipe), Black (diving material insulation sleeve)

Product Features:

  1. Environmentally friendly product crafted from TPU and PVC for the bag body and drinking water pipe, respectively.
  2. Translucent bag body with capacity scale printing, equipped with lifting lugs for backpack attachment. Foldable for easy storage and portability.
  3. Large water inlet with a 100mm inner diameter allows for ice insertion and easy cleaning of the interior. Can also accommodate valuables like mobile phones.
  4. Includes a 100cm high elastic soft water pipe with a new water stop switch, offering hands-free hydration during activities like cycling.


Designed for use in backpacks, particularly suited for outdoor activities. The long water pipe allows for frequent, small sips of water to be taken at intervals, reducing strain on the heart compared to drinking large volumes at once.

Disassembly, Cleaning, Assembly, and Maintenance:

  1. Disassembly: Soften the water pipe group in hot water to remove all accessories.
  2. Cleaning: Utilize the special cleaning brush provided to brush the bag body and water pipe with a cleaning solution, then rinse with clean water.
  3. Storage: Hang upside down to dry before storing.

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