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MTB Bike Lock-on Grips: ODI Alloy & Silica Gel Handlebar Cover, Cycling Accessories



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Upgrade your ride with our new MTB Bike Lock-on Grips πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ Durable, comfortable and stylish, these grips are perfect for long-distance biking and mountain biking 🏞 Choose your favorite color and make your bike truly yours 🌈 #Biking #Cycling #Bikelife #MTBBiking #CyclingGear #BikeAccessories #MountainBiking #CyclingLife #BikeLove #HandlebarGrips.


Introducing our robust bike grips, meticulously crafted from a superior grade Aluminium Alloy and lined with high-quality silica. These durable, long-lasting bike grips come in a diverse palette of colours including contemporary black, fiery red, sleek grey, vibrant orange, cool blue, and fresh green, allowing you to customize your bike just the way you like it!

Weighing in at approximately 104g, these lightweight grips ensure that your ride retains its agility without compromising on comfort or control. The ingenious ergonomic design makes these grips fit seamlessly within the contours of a rider's hand, providing a snug comfortable grip without feeling bulky.

Adding to this, strategically placed padding provides added cushioning at critical contact points, offering comfort for those extra-long rides. The half-waffle pattern on the front of the grip offers additional control when you push your limits and venture off the beaten path.

Furthermore, these grips feature a unique variable knurl pattern that alternates from smooth to sharp texture. This not only enhances traction during your ride but also prevents irritation in your hands. It's an ideal accessory for long-distance biking, mountain biking, and even casual urban rides. With these grips, every ride is sure to be a comfortable and controlled adventure.

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