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Misting Cooling System Set for Outdoor & Garden Irrigation - Cloud Discoveries



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Beat the summer heat 🔥with our Outdoor Misting Cooling System🌬️! Create a cool oasis in your garden 🌻🌳, patio🏡, or poolside🏊. Say goodbye to sweltering heat and hello to a healthier, more refreshing environment. No electricity required, easy to install 🛠️ and super durable. Get yours now and transform your outdoor space this summer! ☀️💦 #SummerCooling #Refreshing #OutdoorLife #PatioUpgrade #GardenLife #BeatTheHeat #GreenLiving #EcoFriendly #EnergyEfficient #CoolingSystem


Beat the heat with our remarkably designed Outdoor Misting Cooling System. It presents a refreshing respite from sweltering temperatures, creating a cool and soothing atmosphere for your favorite outdoor spaces. Revel in the comfort of a cool summer, whilst reaping the benefits of a more humid and healthier environment.

The longevity and durability of this system is guaranteed. The irrigation tubing is constructed from top-quality, UV-resistant materials making it ideal for use in agriculture, lawns, gardens, patios, greenhouses, and swimming pool areas. Comprised of high-quality plastic, all the fittings promise an optimal misting fog cooling irrigation experience.

The incorporation of a tap water spray cuts down the electricity cost and proves this outdoor cooling system to be an energy-efficient investment. Simple to install and use, it can be assembled in minutes and attaches to any standard outdoor faucet of 3/4 inch size. No special tools are needed.

Notable specifications of our product include a 0.15mm-0.6mm nozzle orifice, a brass body with nickel plating, slip-lock type nozzles, and PE tubing. Packaged items differ in accordance with set length. You can choose from a variety of set sizes: 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft – which include a supply pipe, spray pipe, spray seats, nozzles, faucet connector, plug, ties, and pipe buckles.

Order our Outdoor Misting Cooling System today and experience the bliss of a cooler environment. Upgrade your patio or backyard and enjoy the coolness all summer long.

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