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Mini Portable USB Air Conditioner

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This portable mini air conditioner is the best choice for you to keep yourself cool in a hot summer. This product can be used as a mini fan, humidifier, and air conditioner in your home. The mini air conditioner adopts the latest evaporative cooling technology, generating cold air by absorbing water through the wet curtain and blowing it out of small holes in the fan. With 4 speed-adjustable wind speeds, you can adjust its wind speed for different needs.

When you use it as an air cooler, it will blow cold wind to help you feel cool during hot days; when using it as a humidifier, it will produce cool mist and moisten dry air all day long; when using it as an ordinary fan, it will blow out wind directly on your body which can ease body heat immediately. Also made of transparent ABS material with colorful LED lights around the base to create beautiful light effects!

And it's got a lot of power! It can cool up to 500 square feet and it has a sleep mode so you don't wake up in the morning freezing from the fan running all night long.

Great for EVERY room in the house, whenever and wherever. Put it in your tent while you sleep!


Air Conditioner: Mini Portable Air Conditioner
Water Tank Capacity: 700ml
Length of Power Cord: 1.2m
Size: 166 x 143 x 242mm
Rated Voltage: DC 5V
Rated Output Air Volume: about 108m3/h (Q=3600VA)
Rated Evaporation: ≥100ml/h
Noise Level: ≤55dB
Maximum Air Supply Distance: around 2.5m
Input Power: MAX 7W
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

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