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Lemon Rose Lavender Scented Shower Filter | Chlorine Removal & Moisturizing | Spa At Home Essentials



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🚿 Elevate your shower game with the Lemon Rose Lavender Scented Bathing H201 Shower Filter! Remove chlorine, moisturize your hair, and indulge in 15 fragrances for a spa-like experience at home. 🌹💧 #ShowerFilter #BathEssentials #SkinCare #HairCare #SpaAtHome #ChlorineRemoval #HealthyLiving #SelfCareSunday #HomeSpa #LemonRoseLavender


  • Remove 99% Chlorine
  • Vitamin C
  • Shower Filter
  • Moisturizing Hair
  • Mild scrubbing effect
  • Zero skin irritation reaction
  • Fundamental moisturizer
  • Zero harmful substances
  • Enhance effects of your hair and skin products
  • Recommended temperatures 4-80
  • Compatible with any brand of water heater or shower head


  • Weight: 90g
  • Maximum pressure: 120psi
  • Maximum temp: 55°C
  • Dimension: 4.4CMX14.5CM
  • Amount used: 7200L

15 Fragrances TO CHOOSE

  1. Rose
  2. Lavender
  3. Lily
  4. Milk
  5. Natural
  6. Osmanthus
  7. Jasmine
  8. Pine Forest
  9. Sakura
  10. Cherry
  11. Peach
  12. Strawberry
  13. Orchid
  14. Blueberry
  15. Lemon


  • Effective removal of residual chlorine in tap water
  • 800 times the vitamin C content of lemons, with an anti-oxidizing effect for skin
  • Fresh and elegant aroma for a natural shower experience
  • Helps to relieve mental and body fatigue
  • Improves romantic atmosphere and feelings of comfort
  • Sweet and gentle scent helps to stabilize the mind and reduce worries
  • Suitable for baby use as it does not contain strong aromas
  • Provides moisture and protection to improve skin dryness and atopic allergy

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