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Kids' Quick Dry Water Shoes Beach Sandals



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Splash into summer with our Quick Dry Water Shoes! 🌊👟 Made for little feet and big adventures! Just measure, choose the perfect size and prepare for some serious beach fun! 🏖🌞 #KidsWaterShoes #BeachReady #SummerVibes #KidsFootwear #ComfortableFit #QuickDry #BeachTime #KidsFashion #SummerFootwear #MeasureAndFit


Choosing the correct shoe size is essential for your comfort, and it depends entirely on your foot length. This is taken from heel to toe. Please note, due to different sizing standards worldwide, selection processes may vary. As such, our US size & Europe size dimensions might be different from those you are accustomed to.

Before making your selection, we highly recommend you measure your foot length first. Then choose the size that corresponds best with your foot length. Here is how our shoe sizes relate to foot length:

- Size 26: Appropriate for individuals with a foot length of 16.5 cm
- Size 27: Ideal for those with a foot length of 17.0 cm
- Size 28: Matches well to a foot length of 17.6 cm
- Size 29: Works best for individuals with a foot length of 18.3 cm
- Size 30: Complements foot lengths of 19.0 cm
- Size 31: Suitable for a foot length of 19.6 cm
- Size 32: Perfect for those with a foot length of 20.3 cm
- Size 33: Well-matched with a foot length of 21.0 cm
- Size 34: Complements a foot length of 21.8 cm
- Size 35: Ideal for people with a foot length of 22.5 cm

Please note, the size number displayed on our shoe outsoles aligns with China size standards, not European ones. Choose wisely for optimal comfort and fit.

Free Shipping Available:

Shipment cost is CA$14.99 & Free Worldwide shipping is available for orders above CA$99.99

Delivery Time:

Once your order is placed, it will take 1-4 days to make the package(s) ready for the shipment. After its being fulfilled, orders will take 5-15 business days to be delivered.

30 Day Money Back Grantee:

Return the product if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason and we will provide you with a full refund.

24/7 Friendly Support:

Our support team is available 7 Days a week and will be happy to answer all your questions.