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JISULIFE Portable Bladeless Hand Fan, USB Rechargeable, 100 Wind Speeds



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Stay cool in style with our JISULIFE Portable Bladeless Hand Fan! With adjustable speeds and fast charging, it's your perfect companion this summer ☀️😎💨 #PortableFan #BladelessFan #USBRechargeable #KeepCool #TechGadget #TravelEssentials #JISULIFEFan #BatteryOperatedFan #SummerEssentials #OutdoorAdventures


Experience our ultra-powerful handheld fan, the JISULIFE FA53. Fitted with a high-tech three-phase brushless motor, bolstered with a powerful 5000mAh battery, it offers a wind speed of upto 9m/s and an exceptional rotation speed three times more than a conventional personal fan, reaching a staggering 15000 RPM. As a result, you get superior power, greater wind speed, and longer-lasting endurance.

Cool down quickly with our innovative, air-circulating technology. Our FA53 fan adopts a unique turbine structure and a powerful motor to convert hot air into the cool breeze. With a body crafted using advanced oxidation technology, the fan delivers a metal-like texture and a smooth cylindrical design emits a comfortable cooling sensation.

Our handheld fan proceeds with a scroll switch design, enabling stepless adjustment of wind speed. Customizable speed ranging from 1 to 100, caters to your diverse wind power requirements in any situation. It also features an HD digital display to show the current wind speed and remaining battery power, taking the guesswork out of recharging.

With its flame Fast Charging technology, the fan gets fully charged in just 1.5 hours with an 18W charger, giving upto 15 hours of cooling time. It supports both USB Type-C and Type-A cables, compatible with regular USB sockets, laptops, power banks and car chargers.

Travel-friendly, the JISULIFE FA53 comes in a compact size and includes an anti-lost lanyard for portability. This handheld fan resides comfortably in your pocket or bag, acting as a refreshing companion for traveling and outdoor adventures. Charger your fan in advance and enjoy a cool breeze whenever you desire.

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