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Ghost Face Bark Sculpture - Old Man Tree Yard Decoration for Halloween



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Get ready to enchant your garden with our Ghost Face Bark Sculpture! πŸŒ³πŸŽƒ This unique face decoration is not just a piece of art, it brings magic to your yard. Made from premium, durable resin, it will surely impress visitors for years to come! Easy to install and gives every tree its character! βœ¨πŸ‘»πŸ’š #TreeFaceDecoration #OutdoorGardenDecor #ResinBarkGhostsFace #UniqueGardenOrnament #DurableOutdoorDecor #WhimsicalGardenCharm #GardenArt #TreeArt #OutdoorDecor #HalloweenDecor


This intricately crafted tree face decoration, designed with an exquisite and unique style, is an ideal embellishment for your garden. Made from premium, durable resin, this charming bark ghost's face is designed to brave the outdoors and retain its beauty for years to come. With its effortless installation process, this garden decoration can be easily affixed to any tree in your garden, backyard, park, yard, or any outdoor area. This whimsical charm not only enhances your outdoor space but also creates a captivating and magical ambiance, bound to draw the admiration of your visitors.

This resin tree face decoration is shown in a magnificent color, adding a distinctive touch to your home's exterior. Please note that there might be a minuscule color distortion due to variations in computer resolutions, and a slight difference might persist due to individual hand measurements. This package includes one set of facial features decorations that will truly transform the appearance of your tree, creating a unique focal point.

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