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Foldable USB Mini Fan: 5-Speed, Portable & Rechargeable



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Step into the future of personal cooling with our Foldable USB Mini Fan! 🌬️ Portable, rechargeable, and designed to provide optimum comfort wherever you may be. 🏞️🏖️🏙️ Unbelievable 5-speed adjustment for the perfect breeze and long battery life to keep you cool for hours! Bonus – it even supports your mobile phone! 📱 Grab yours today and let the breeze take over! 💨 #CoolWithComfort #PortableFan #RechargeableFan #LEDdisplayfan #MultiUseFan #HangingNeckFan #HandheldFan #DesktopFan #StayCool #MobilePhoneSupport


Introducing a revolutionary product that redefines comfort - a multi-use fan with a LED display. This versatile fan with a hanging neck design can also be used handheld or as a desktop fan, ensuring that you get the cooling you need, wherever you need it!

Our multi-functional fan comes with a five-speed wind adjustment, providing an optimized cooling experience for various climates or personal preferences. This adjustable speed fan provides an impressive airflow with its 90° adjustable feature, ensuring effective cooling in multiple directions.

The fan is powered by dual batteries, which guarantees an exceptionally long battery life. A surprising bonus? This fan can also conveniently support mobile phones, making this a multi-purpose gadget you simply can't pass up.

Engineered from high-quality ABS+PP materials along with advanced electronic components, this fan is not only durable but also lightweight with a single net weight of 175g. The compact size of 18.8*9*4.65cm, approximately 7.4*3.54*1.83 inches, makes it ideal for easy portability.

Operates on an input voltage of DC5V, it houses a robust battery with a capacity of 1800mAh. The battery operates on a voltage of 3.7V, providing a continuous usage time of around 3.5-7 hours. Order this handy, convenient, and ultra-cool fan today and experience a new level of comfort! Step into the future of personal cooling with our LED display fan.

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