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Fitness Thermo Waist Trainer Belt




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Wear the Fitness Thermo Waist and Ab Trainer Belt while you exercise, work out, jog, and even while gardening! The special design raises the heat under the belt while being active and promotes heavier sweating. Similar to a sauna, the heat creates sweat which then burns the calories that, if not burned away, create fat. So in short, the thermo waist belt is a weight burner that targets your waist!


How To Use:

1. Stretch the inner belt close.
2. Stretch the outer belt hard to the sides and stick one end of the outer belt in the middle of the inner belt.
3. Stick another end of the belt on just the outer belt, you can loosen or tighten the belt according to your needs.
4. Double-adjusted Velcro design allows you to adjust the waist cincher belt freely.
NOTE: Please MEASURE YOUR WAIST assuring you choose the right size.

Materials: 100% Nylon 70% Polyester 30% Rubber


Special Tiny Air Holes Make it Breathable During Your Workout

Suitable For Gym, Sports, Weight Lifting, fitness, and Ab Control

Adjustable Double Velcro Provides A Tighter Fit Around The Waist

Back Braces and Lumbar Suppor

4 Flexible Bones of Waist Cincher

Improve Sitting Posture

For Plus Size Women The Waist Trainer is Very Stretchy Without Discomfort

Ideal For Postpartum Recovery

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