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Electric Portable Juicer Blender

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This is the only juicer you'll ever need.

It's not just a juicer—it's a portable, USB-charging powerhouse that can squeeze the juice out of anything. It will squeeze all the juice out of your oranges and lemons, no matter how many times you've squeezed them before so that you can enjoy every last drop.

And it's not just for oranges and lemons! You can use it to make fresh juice from all kinds of different fruits, like apples or grapes or pears or strawberries—you name it.

And because it's made from high-quality materials, this juicer will last for years. It has a durable exterior that resists cracking and breaking, even if you drop it on the floor (which we don't recommend).

The best part? This juicer takes up almost no space in your kitchen. It's small enough to fit in any drawer or cabinet, so you can leave it out on your countertop when not in use. And when fully charged, it can be used 60 times without needing another charge!

Power: 45W
Voltage: 7.4V
Weight: 1100g
Capacity: ≤400ml
Maximum juice yield at one time: ≤400ml
Cutter Type: Double Cutter
Pulp residue box capacity: ≤500ml
Speed: 18000 rpm
Use: Orange Juice, Pomegranate juice, Apple juice, Grape juice, Watermelon juice
Material: ABS+AS
Color: green
Charging: USB charging
Weight: 1200g (including packaging)
Product size: 13.8*11.2*23.75 cm
Packing size: 17*15*30.5 cm

Fully automatic
Electric Juicer
Fresh Juice Blender
Fruit Mixer
Portable Blender
Mini Portable Blender
Rechargeable Blender

Electric Juicer, Portable Household, Orange Lemon Blender, Multifunction Fruit Juicer, USB Charging Juicer, Automatic Fresh Squeezer,

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