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Egg Storage Box - Keep Your Eggs Fresh and Organized



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Upgrade your refrigerator organization with our Egg Storage Box. It's a simple yet effective solution to keep your eggs, fruits, and vegetables fresh and accessible. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to convenience! 🥚🍏🍅 #EggStorageBox #FridgeOrganization #FreshEggs #KitchenSolutions #HomeOrganization

Product Description:

Tired of the chaotic jumble of egg cartons in your refrigerator? Introducing our Egg Storage Box, your solution to keeping eggs and more neatly organized. Crafted from food-grade plastic, it's a versatile addition to your kitchen that brings order and freshness to your fridge.

🥚 Adjustable Length: The length of the rods in our Egg Storage Box is easily adjustable, ranging from 30cm to 43cm. This means you can customize it to accommodate up to 15 eggs, providing ample storage space for your favorite breakfast ingredient.

🌽 Versatile Material: Made from high-quality plastic (PET), our storage box is designed to handle not only eggs but also a variety of fruits and vegetables. It's a multipurpose storage solution for your fridge.

🎨 Sleek Design: Available in a range of attractive colors, our Egg Storage Box adds a touch of style to your refrigerator. Choose the color that complements your kitchen decor.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Food-Grade Plastic (PET)
  • Use: Ideal for Fruits, Vegetables, and Eggs
  • Color: As Shown in the Pictures
  • Adjustable Length: 30cm to 43cm
  • Capacity: Up to 15 Eggs

Sales Method: Sold as a single unit.


  1. While we strive for accuracy in our images, please refer to the physical product in case of any differences.
  2. Manual measurements are used for size references. In case of deviations, actual measurements prevail. If you're meticulous, it's best to inspect before purchasing.

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