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210ml Wen Lan Zi Sha Dragon Phoenix Color-Changing Tea Set

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Experience elegance in every sip with our 210ml Wen Lan Zi Sha Pot 🍵 Watch in awe as the Dragon and Phoenix design changes color with heat, making your tea time more magical ✨ Made from high-quality Zi Sha clay for excellent heat retention for your perfectly brewed tea. A perfect mix of tradition, culture, and exquisite craftsmanship, let our tea set be the centerpiece of your tea-drinking routine 🐉🏮 #ZiShaPot #Chineseteaceremony #WenLan #DragonandPhoenix #ColorChangingTeapot #HeatReactive #QualityZiShaClay #210mlTeaPot #AuthenticChineseTeaset #SuperiorHeatRetention


Introducing the 210ml Wen Lan Zi Sha Pot - a stunning addition to any home or office. This artistic creation is a perfect centerpiece for an authentic Chinese tea ceremony or a regular tea-drinking routine. The traditional Dragon and Phoenix design adds an elegant touch to this Asian masterpiece.

The set includes both a color-changing tea pot and a complementary tea set. Infuse your tea, and watch as the exquisite color-transforming feature initiates upon heat. Be amazed as your pot reacts with beauty, immersing you in an enchanting tea-drinking experience.

Constructed with high-quality Zi Sha clay, known for its durability and excellent heat retention properties, your tea will stay warm for prolonged periods. The 210ml capacity makes it ideal for serving multiple guests, ensuring everyone gets to taste the perfectly brewed tea.

Enhance your tea journey with the Wen Lan Zi Sha Pot, elevating your tea-drinking ritual to new heights while adding a striking artwork piece to your household. Experience the beauty of tradition, culture, and exquisite craftsmanship with this unique tea set. Embark on a mesmerizing tea journey where old world meets modern innovation.

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