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Hexagonal Fireproof Mat & Foldable Firewood Bag for Camping & BBQ



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Ignite the thrill of the outdoors, minus the safety risks with our Hexagonal Fireproof Mat 🔥💪 An unbeatable guard against deck fires, it also doubles as a handy firewood bag. With endurance to high heat, easy cleaning and extreme durability, it's perfect for your camping and BBQ adventures 🏕️🍖 Choose safety first for your outdoor festivities! 👍 #FireproofMat #OutdoorSafety #FirePit #DeckProtector #CampingGear #BBQtime #FireProtection #TravelLight #DurableDesign #EasyToClean


Equip yourself with a superior level of safety when using your fire pits with our top-notch Fire Pit Fireproof Mat. This highly effective deck protector offers double-sided silicone coating along with wood chips fire protection; it provides reliable prevention against safety risks such as potential fires on your deck or patio.

This Standout Fireproof Mat can endure high temperatures of up to 550C, making it ideal for managing heat from fire pits. Its multifunctionality extends to the ability to be doubled up as an accessible firewood bag, simplifying your outdoor experience. The unique corner buckle design keeps the carbon ash securely inside.

Our Hexagonal fire pit mats with an edge banding design offer superior durability and longevity. It efficiently prevents the mat from fraying, extending its life. This easy-to-clean black silicone coated mat repels dust and oil stains effortlessly—just a damp cloth and few wipes are what is needed to keep it in pristine condition.

Take this lightweight and foldable fire pit pad wherever you go. Enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest knowing you're well equipped to handle fire safety threats on varied terrains.

Available in two sizes—large, measuring approximately 104*92cm and small, which is about 64*57cm, this versatile fire pit mat is all you need for a safe and relaxing ambiance. Protecting your favorite outdoor spaces has never been easier.


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